Creepy Crawlers of Halloween

Creepy Crawlers of Halloween

It’s normal to see bats, spiders and other creatures invade your front doorstep on Halloween in the form of trick-or-treaters or spooky décor, but we advise you to be on the lookout for real-life ghoulish pests as well. The following are just a few of the many creepy crawlers of Halloween that you might see.

Creepy Crawlers of Halloween


creepy crawlers of Halloween: spiders

Spiders are the signature creepy crawler of Halloween. They are a common decoration for this holiday. However, one place you don’t want to see a real spider is in your home.

While most spiders in this area are harmless, discovering a spider web in your home can be an unsettling experience. City Pest Control offers spider pest control services to ensure your home remains free of spiders (other than the decoration kind) this Halloween.


creepy crawlers of Halloween: centipedes

While not normally part of most Halloween decorations, centipedes are another creepy crawler you don’t want to see around your home.

Centipedes don’t really leave any evidence that indicates they are in your home. They find new hiding places each day, instead of building a nest. You are most likely to accidentally spot a house centipede resting on the wall, darting out from their hiding place or trapped in a sink or tub. Our experienced technicians provide centipede control services.


creepy crawlers of Halloween: scorpions

Scorpions are another common creepy crawler of Halloween that you might see in your home. However, they typically hide during the day and emerge at night in search of food and water. While they generally shy away from people, they can sting if agitated which can be venomous.

City Pest Control provides scorpion control services to ensure your home is scorpion-free this holiday season.

Daddy Longlegs

creepy crawlers of Halloween: daddy longlegs

While they are commonly referred to as spiders, Daddy Longlegs are in fact not spiders. Daddy Longlegs or harvestmen are part of the family Phalangiidae and lack venom glands and do not have the ability to spin silken webs. This creepy crawler is an omnivore and feeds on a variety of organic materials, feces, carcasses, aphids and other small insects.

Daddy Longlegs may be harmless, but it can be annoying (or even creepy) to encounter them in your home. Our trained technicians at City Pest Control offer Daddy Longlegs pest control services to prevent these crawlers from entering your home.

Large Cockroaches

Large cockroaches are potentially the creepiest of crawlers. They seek warmer temperatures, as freezing temps can cause death. This creepy crawler is extremely resilient that is not only spooky and scary, but they can also cause legitimate health issues. They can spread bacteria extraordinarily quickly.

Our cockroach exterminators are trained to help manage large cockroaches and prevent infestations in your home.


These are just a few of the common creepy crawlers of Halloween. Contact us at City Pest Control with the link below to schedule your next pest control services with us!

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