Preparing Your Home For Fall Weather

Fall weather is just around the corner! Cooler weather definitely seems nice during this blistering summer we are having so far. Don’t let the thought of cooling down distract you from preparing your house for common pest problems that arise during the fall weather!

Common Pest Problems in the Fall

As you reach for your jacket to keep warm as the weather starts to cool down, common pests also are looking for a place to stay warm. Unfortunately, your home can be that blanket. Insects and rodents alike seek warmth when things turn cold. While they have evolved to find ways to hibernate in nature, the temptation and challenge of getting inside to even warmer conditions is often taken advantage of by these critters. Spray your home in the fall to protect against this possibility, keeping the insects out even into winter. By keeping the defense up all year long, you will more effectively prevent insects from ever entering, stopping the damage before it can happen.

What to Look For in Fall Weather


Rodents will likely want to burrow in your cozy home when the weather decides to drop. Mice, rats, vermin, and little nuisance can take up camp in your pantry, closets, and attic.


If you have furry friends, you know that fleas can always be an issue. When your furry friend goes outside, their warm body can attract fleas who will cling to them and can be brought back into your home. Fleas are hard to see but you will definitely know when you have an infestation by checking your bedding and furniture. While making sure your pups are treated it also advisable to make sure your home is treated from unwanted fleas.

Contact Us To Prepare!

To avoid the headache of an uninvited house guest that eats your food or causes your legs to itch, give City Pest a call today to help prepare your home for long awaited fall weather! 

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