Cockroach Pest Control in Bryan/College Station: American Cockroach and Smoky Brown Cockroach

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Summer is the most active season for cockroaches in the Bryan/College Station area. They often will sneak into your home for food, water and shelter. Since they are nocturnal creatures adept at hiding, an infestation can get out of hand before you ever realize they are in your home. Therefore, we have put together a little information on the most common cockroaches in Bryan/College Station: American Cockroaches and Smoky Brown Cockroaches.

Cockroach Pest Control Services in BCS

American Cockroaches

The American cockroach is the largest of the house-infesting roaches. It is commonly referred to as the water bug, the Bombay canary or the palmetto bug.

Appearance of American Cockroaches

American cockroach adults average size is between 1.4 to 1.6 inches in length, but they can grow to exceed 2 inches. They are reddish brown or mahogany colored.

The area behind their heads is outlined with a yellow band.

Signs of American Cockroach Infestation

There are four common signs of American Cockroach infestation. These signs include the following:

  • Fast-moving insects fleeing dark areas
  • Droppings left behind in the dim areas in which they hide
  • Presence of dark colored egg capsules, which can be found glued to a surface near food sources
  • “Musty” smell due to a pheromone American cockroaches produce

Smoky Brown Cockroaches

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Appearance of Smoky Brown Cockroaches

Smoky Brown Cockroaches adults can reach 38 mm long and are strong fliers with wings that extend beyond their body.

They also have a shiny appearance and are uniformly a black, mahogany color. While the later nymphs are similar in color as adults, the early nymphal stages have a whitish colored stripe on their thorax and on the tips their antennae. These roaches are common in leaf litter and mulch. Therefore, their coloration helps to hide or camouflage them against predators.

Signs of Smoky Brown Cockroaches

Common signs of Smokey Bryan Cockroaches include the following:

  • Sightings outside near landscaping beds, ivy or other ground cover, and in and around gutters and fascia of homes and structures
  • Fecal material and droppings
  • Dark-brown to black egg cases attached to surfaces they frequent
  • Usually found at night while they search for food

How to Get Rid of American Cockroaches and Smoky Brown Cockroaches

Long-term roach control generally requires a pest management professional. Barrier exclusion and cleanliness are two ways homeowners can mitigate cockroaches. Barrier exclusion involves preventing them from entering your home through small cracks in walls gaps near electric sockets and switch plates, and up through drains.

Having a clean and sanitary home will also make it less inviting to cockroaches. Make sure to keep counters, sinks, tables and floors free of clutter and crumbs. Avoid leaving dishes piled up in the sink or spills marinating on the counter. Also, don’t leave pet food out in the open.

Cockroach Pest Control Services

Our cockroach exterminators are trained to help manage American Cockroaches and Smoky Brown Cockroaches. Every home is different, so we develop a unique program tailored for your situation.

At City Pest Control our goal is to protect your home and family from pests by combining fast roach pest control with great customer service. We are your go-to professional cockroach pest control services in Bryan/College Station, TX. Contact us with the link below for more information or to schedule a time to meet with our professional roach exterminators today!

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