Watch for Rat Snakes in Your Garage

Walking up on a snake can be frightening for anyone. While not all snakes are venomous or even dangerous to humans, we have all heard the saying “they are more scared of you”, it is still scary to move a box in your garage and be greeted by a coiled, slithery friend. Be on the look out for rat snakes, which are known to be the little uninvited friend hanging out behind your golf clubs.

What are Rat Snakes?

The Texas Rat Snake is actually the most common large snake in Texas. Often called a “chicken snake” because of their inclination to hang around hen eggs, rat snakes are non venomous.  They have a long slender body, large triangle shaped head, reddish brown, yellow, or olive green in color, and have dark blotches all over their body. They are very docile, and more than likely will not strike at you.

Why are they in my Garage?

Just  like us,  rat snakes get hot and your garage is the perfect temperature for them to hide without being too cool but not blistering in 100 degree weather. Cluttered garage can provide terrific shelter for these slithery friends to hide from outdoor elements. Rat snakes like to hide out along the walls or corners of your garage, keeping the clutter in these areas to a minimum can deter these little guys from moving in, unannounced.

Another reason rat snakes might want to shelter in your garage can because of another unwanted guest problem. It is in their name, “rat snake”, and if you have a rat/mice infestation, well you can also have a little snake come and join for dinner.

How to Get Rid of Them

Rat snakes can be handled, as they are docile. Simply picking them up with a pair of gloves on, or evening shooing them away. Making sure your home is rodent free can also keep these slithery guys out! If you suspect the reason you keep finding rat snakes in your garage is due to a mice problem, call us today! 


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