Cricket Pest Control Services in Bryan/College Station, TX

Cricket pest control services

Crickets are nuisance pests as they will infest properties, especially during the Fall and Winter months. With the recent rain we have had, these critters will seek shelter in your home or business and lay eggs. Therefore, we provide cricket pest control services in Bryan/College Station, TX to ensure your property is cricket-free.

Cricket Pest Control Services

While crickets may seem harmless, they will eat through just about any type of fabric, causing all sorts of damage. In addition, an infestation of crickets can leave your Bryan/College Station home or business vulnerable to spiders and other pests. Therefore, it’s good to be aware of these pests so you know when to call City Pest Control for our cricket pest control services in Bryan/College Station, TX.

Common Types of Crickets in Texas

There are more than 100 cricket species in the United States. However, only a few types of crickets commonly infest properties. The common cricket invaders include the following:

Camel Crickets

The namesake of the camel crickets comes from their humpback appearance. Camel crickets are common throughout the U.S.

You can commonly encounter adult camel crickets indoors near moist areas such as basements or near drainage pipes. The wingless adults can grow to over an inch in length and can damage fabrics.

House Crickets

House crickets are especially adept at surviving in residential homes. These creatures are nocturnal with yellow and brown coloring.

In addition, house crickets have wings and are attracted to lights. Therefore, you might see them swarming around exterior lighting. House crickets spend their entire lifetime inside a property.

Mole Crickets

Mole crickets are common for both Texas homeowners and businesses. This is because the can cause damage to lawns and landscaping. Especially adept at digging, mole crickets will damage plants both by feeding on them and digging tunnels beneath the soil.

Once mole crickets infest your property, predators such as raccoons may be attracted to that area and dig up more holes to feed on the crickets.

Signs of a Cricket Infestation

The most obvious sign of a cricket infestation in your Bryan/College Station home or business is the presence of the crickets. Another sign of a house cricket infestation is the chirping noise the male crickets often make, as they rub their front wings together. This chirping noise serves to attract females and, since they are nocturnal, often occurs at night.

Chewed fabric is also a sign of a cricket infestation. Mandible marks along chewed edges are often visible with magnification. These marks are much less than 1 mm wide.

How to Prevent a Cricket Infestation

You can prevent cricket infestations by sealing cracks and crevices, avoiding clutter and eliminating moisture from your home.

Contact City Pest Control if you believe you have a cricket infestation in your home. Whether you are experiencing cricket infestations in or around your home or commercial property, City Pest Control can provide cricket pest control and removal services. Our pest control technicians have the expertise and tools to eliminate infestations and advise our customers on preventing future problems. Contact us today with the link below to schedule your cricket pest control services with us!

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