What is Mammal Trapping?

Mammal trapping is a common pest control practice in Texas because they can easily get into a home through small hoes. City Pest Control follows the laws as set by Texas Department of Fish and Game to ensure the best and most humane practices are used for our services.

Signs You May Need Our Mammal Trapping Services

Signs an animal has got into your home include noises from the attic or droppings located in crawl spaces or in an attic. These feces can cause allergic reactions and can lead to diseases, some potentially deadly. To best protect your health and home from squirrels and other pest intruders, City Pest Control is properly licensed and trained for mammal pest control and can offer the expertise you are searching for.

Skunk Removal and Deodorizing

skunkWhen skunks enter your home or yard, you can smell skunks close by you can, and even after they left. The odor can become too much when they enter your home’s crawl space or your garage.

Our skunk removal service may include mammal trapping, excluding the skunks or both as well as deodorizing the infected area. While the deodorizing may lessen the odor quite a bit, some will still smell them for several days or even weeks. If your get a skunk in an unwanted area, it is important to get it taken care of immediately.

Squirrel Control & Exclusion

squirrelIf you are hearing noises in your attic, you may have a squirrel problem. When the temperature decreases outside, squirrels enter houses seeking warmer areas and a place to nest for the winter.

This mammal makes openings in the exterior trim or siding of your property from which they will gain entry. Once the hole has been made, the squirrel can continue its damage by gnawing on electrical wires. This chewing can result in a short in the wires and even a fire. In addition, squirrels can transport fleas and other unwanted organisms.

Getting rid of squirrels may not require squirrel extermination, but rather our trained and licensed squirrel control specialists will locate and close off all entry points. This will keep them from entering your residence. A one-way door can also be installed to let out any squirrels still in the home. Additionally, our pest control services include live trapping and removal.

Raccoon Pest Control (Exclusion and Trapping)

raccoonRaccoons are primarily nocturnal mammals that feed on berries, insects, fruit, chickens and small mammals. They like to find new homes beneath decks or in attics and crawl spaces. Once the raccoon has gained access, it will raise its young in these spaces. Raccoons are known to be a carrier of rabies.

Raccoon droppings are extremely unhealthy to humans. They’re well adept with their hands (such as opening garbage cans, removing siding, tearing off shingles, etc.). They can present a real danger to your health and property, so raccoon control service is critical in defending your house and family from these harmful pests.

Getting rid of raccoons in or around the residence doesn’t always require raccoon extermination, but rather our racoon control specialists can use one-way doors to let the animals leave and not return into the structure. If this is not possible, we can catch and remove these pests via live trapping methods.

Opossum Control and Removal

opossumOpossums are the sole North American marsupial (females have a pocket on their belly where they transport and feed their babies). This is a nighttime mammal that is omnivorous, great at climbing and known to act dead “play possum” as a defense measure. They are a nuisance and danger to homeowners because they can reside in attics and their large droppings carry various parasites and diseases. Opossums are also well known to take garbage, dog food and harass pets.


Our professionals here at City Pest Control have the experience and knowledge in many types of mammal control and trapping practices to ensure your home and loved ones are safe from these and other pesky pests. Don’t hesitate to contact us here with the link below for more information!

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