Pest Control Services in Bryan/College Station: Cotton Rats, Gophers and Moles

Pest Control Services in Bryan/College Station

Underground pests can be among the most difficult to control. They are rarely seen during daylight hours and their tunnel systems provide them both shelter and opportunities to escape unwanted attention. City Pest Control offers pest control services in Bryan/College Station, including but not limited to, cotton rat pest control, gopher pest control and mole pest control.

Pest Control Services in Bryan/College Station for Cotton Rats, Gophers and Moles

Cotton Rat Pest Control

Cotton rats are common in the BCS area. These small rodents have large eyes and thick, greyish fur. They will invade your property if you leave open bowls of pet food on your porch or yard. Cotton rats seldom enter structures but are always looking for food, and may be seen scurrying across sidewalks and porches. Build up in Cotton Rat populations can lead to increase in predators such as snakes. Therefore, they may enter your home through any open spaces in your structure or foundation.

While not necessarily dangerous to humans, their droppings and carcasses have been known to carry certain diseases that can be harmful to humans if not handled properly.

Our experienced technicians at City Pest Control have the tools and knowledge to solve your cotton rat problem quickly. We offer humane cotton rat removal services to prevent cotton rats from invading your property.

Gopher Pest Control

Sometimes called a pocket gopher because of its fur-lined cheek pouches, this small mammal is unique to the Western Hemisphere. Gophers use their sharp teeth and long claws to dig tunnels. Unfortunately, these tunnels create a host of problems for North American farmers and homeowners.

Gophers are actually great for the environment, as the dried vegetation and excrement they leave in their burrows works wonders as a natural fertilizer. However, most people are not willing to deal with the unsightly mounds that these mammals leave in their yards. And even fewer take pleasure out of learning a gopher has damaged their pipes or utility cables while trying to dig tunnels.

Our knowledgeable specialists at City Pest Control will be able to help you locate had-to-spot mounds and create a wildlife control plan that suits your needs.

Mole Pest Control

Moles are gray to silvery gray in color and typically have a pointed snout and large, rounded feet with claws. If you notice raised ridges on the landscape you’ve put so much into, then a mole could be the culprit. Moles can create tunnels under your lawn, causing serious damage to landscaping.

The root-sucking grubs moles eat can be far more damaging to ornamental plants, trees and grasses. They also aerate the soil, which increases the circulation of nutrients.

Our trained mole technicians at City Pest Control can spot all of the places where moles are hiding and provide the proper treatment to get rid of moles in your yard.


City Pest Control offers pest control services in Bryan/College Station. If you believe you might have an underground pest in your yard, contact our specialists City Pest Control with the link below!

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