Rodent and Mice Infestations this Fall, Let City Pest Control Help Protect You

rodent and mice infestations

As summer comes to an end, you may think that the irritating pests will too. Unfortunately, City Pest Control often sees rodent and mice infestations in the Bryan/College Station area during the fall. This is because, as the colder weather moves in, mice and rats seek warmth and food inside your cozy home or office building. City Pest Control has put together important things to keep in mind this fall and how to protect yourself from rodent and mice infestations this fall.

Bryan/College Station Rodent and Mice Infestations: Rodent Pest Control Services

Rodents and mice are common fall pests that will build nests in insulation, chew through electric wires and fit through unimaginably small spaces in the foundation or entry ways. In addition, these pests often carry diseases, fleas, mites, lice and ticks. Therefore, it is crucial to protect your Bryan/College Station home or business from these common fall pests.

No Home or Business is Immune from Rat and Mouse Infestations

The age of your structure or the materials utilized to build it have nearly no impact on your vulnerability to rodent and mice infestations. These common fall pests can climb easily, so having a high floor does not put you out of their reach.

Rodents are quite at home here in Bryan/College Station and are common in every neighborhood.

These Common Fall Pests Can Go Unseen

Rats and mice can hide almost anywhere in a structure and most of their damage occurs at night. It is possible to have dozens in your home but not even see one.

However, their droppings, fur, dirt trails and damage from their gnawing is more likely to be noticed.

City Pest Control Tips for Preventing Bryan/College Station Rodent and Mice

Exclude these Common Fall Pests Out of Your Home or Business

Before trying to get rid of the current rodents in your home, it is important to close off their entry point. Filling or sealing cracks, crevices and holes in your foundation, sliding and around your structure will achieve this. Installing chimney caps and covering covered with screens will achieve this. All torn screens over windows and doors should be replaced.

In addition, you should create a deterrent around your foundation with crushed rock.

Remove Harborages

Make sure to seal off access to food and keep premises clean of debris and dirt. Clutter can hide points of entry and offers a nice place to nest.

In addition, clutter can become a nutrition source. While rodents prefer actual food, they will chew glue, leather and other materials.

Contact a Professional Here at City Pest Control to Avoid Fall Rodent and Mice Infestations

Our experts here at City Pest Control can detect signs of rodents, discover their nests and sources of food, as well as close off entry ways. Hiring City Pest Control as your integrated pest control company is a cost effective and low-impact way to keep rodents down for the count and prevent rodent infestations in your Bryan/College Station home or business.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with the link below for more information or to schedule your fall pest inspection.

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