City Pest Control Entomologists Identify Tawny Crazy Ant Species in Bryan/College Station, TX

tawny crazy ants

Also known as Raspberry Crazy Ants, Tawny Crazy Ants are a fairly new exotic invasive pest ant species to Texas. This species was found around Houston (Harris County) in 2002, and has begun to spread largely through human assistance. Recently, City Pest Control entomologists identified the Tawny Crazy Ant species right here in Bryan/College Station, Texas. Our team at City Pest Control can assist you in managing this invasive species from your property, but it is important to know what these ants look like so you can spot them before they become destructive.

City Pest Control’s Tip on How to Spot Tawny Crazy Ants in Bryan/College Station

If you see any of the following characteristics, you probably have a tawny crazy ant infestation:

  • Appearance of many (millions) of uniformly-sized 1/8 inch long, reddish-brown ants in the landscape; foraging occurs indoors from outdoor pests.
  • You will discover 12-segmented antennae under a microscope, as well as a petiole (1 node), an acidopore (circle of hairs at the tip of the gaster (abdomen)). The ant will also be covered with many hairs (macrosetae).
  • For identification to the species, winged males are needed.
  • The name “crazy” ant comes from the fact that these ants form loose foraging trails as well as forage randomly (non-trailing) and crawl rapidly and erratically.
  • Ant colonies (where queens with brood including whitish larvae and pupae) occur under landscape objects such as rocks, timbers, piles of debris, etc. These ants don’t build centralized nests, beds or mounds. They also don’t emerge to the surface from nests through central openings.

Tawny Crazy Ants are Destructive to Your Bryan/College Station Property — City Pest Control Services has a Solution for You

In areas infested with this species, large numbers of Tawny Crazy Ants have caused great annoyance to residents and businesses. In some cases, it has become uncomfortable for residents to enjoy time in their yards. Instead of stingers, Tawny Crazy Ants possess an acidopore on the end of the gaster (abdomen). This can excrete chemicals for defense or attack. These ants are also capable of biting, and when bitten, they cause a minute pain that quickly fades.

Large numbers of Tawny Crazy Ants have been known to accumulate in electrical equipment, which can cause short circuits and clogged switching mechanisms resulting in equipment failure. These ants are potentially serious agricultural pest as well. Tawny Crazy Ants show likelihood of being transported through movement of almost any infested container or material. Therefore, movement of garbage, yard debris, bags or loads of compost, potted plants and bales of hay can transport these ant colonies by truck, railroad and airplane.

Contact City Pest Control to Have Tawny Crazy Ants Removed from Your Bryan/College Station Property

If you believe your house or property is infested with Tawny Crazy Ants, contact City Pest Control. Our team of experienced, licensed professionals offer the most current, successful alternatives that are unavailable to consumers. After treatment, piles of dead ants must be swept or moved out of the area to treat the surfaces(s) underneath. It is important to be careful to sweep or blow away a treated surface such as soil. Contact City Pest Control with the link below to have this nuisance pest safely and efficiently removed from your property.

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